Data limits

Data Export API

Page size and date range limitations

In addition to rate limits, we’ve implemented page size and date range limitations.

Page size limitations: maximum of 10,000 records per page

Date range limitations: the end date of the query must be 60 days or less from the start date

Data retention

The Data Export API can access data going back a maximum of 12 months.

Data ingestion time

It takes at least two hours to ingest conversation data into the Data API database. This means that queries won't return data from conversations created within the previous two hours. To capture data for a specific period, make sure you have passed that two hour window. For example, a query with a created_from of Feb 9 00:00:00 and a created_to of Feb 9 23:59:59, should run at Feb 10 2:00:00 or later to capture that entire 24-hour period.