Rate, data, and request limits

Before using the Knowledge API, you should be aware of the following limits:

Rate limits

The Knowledge API is subject to these limits:

  • Rate limit: 10 reqs/second
  • Daily request limit: 10,000

Rate limits ensure the stability of Ada's infrastructure for all clients and the best experience for you. Exceeding the limits may return a 429-Too Many Requests response status code. When calling the Knowledge API, you should implement 429 retry logic using exponential backoff and jitter.

Data limits

In addition to rate limits, we’ve implemented limits on the number of articles that you can insert into your bot, the size of those articles, and the size of the data in each request:

  • Article count limit: 50,000 articles
  • Article size limit: 100KB
  • Request size limit: 10MB

Request limits

Request URLs must be smaller than 2,048 bytes.