Ada for Developers

The Ada platform automates and personalizes customer support, using conversational AI and powerful integrations with the systems your enterprise already uses.

What can I do with Ada?

Customer interactions are designed in the Ada builder dashboard. Drag-and-drop Blocks allow you to:

  • connect to third-party APIs
  • authenticate chatters (using OAuth2 or JWT)
  • capture data from the chatter and store the data as variables

Pre-built integrations allow you to do things like seamlessly hand off a conversation from a chatbot to a live agent, or automate common requests, like order tracking. Ada APIs and SDKs allow you to build your own customizations on top of all of this functionality.

Connect to other APIs

The built-in HTTP Request Block allows you to tap into the endpoints of any third-party REST API that returns data in JSON format. With a few clicks, Bot Managers can then store the received data as variables, which they can then use within Answer Content to create more personalized interactions with chatters.

This diagram illustrates a request sent to an open API, but the block includes optional header fields that you can use in cases where an API allows access via a token passed in the header.

Low-code or no-code apps and integrations

Ada includes dozens of apps and integrations out-of-the-box. Configuration for these takes place mainly on the Ada dashboard, as well as in the third-party software.

CategoryAvailable for
Messaging channelsWhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Sunshine Conversations, SMS
Chat handoffsZendesk Live Chat, Zendesk Messaging, Zendesk Social Messaging, Salesforce Live Chat, Oracle, Intercom, Kustomer, Gladly Chat, Freshchat, Gorgias Live Chat
CRM/MAPSalesforce CRM, Hubspot, Marketo, Zendesk Sell


Get inspired by the complete set of apps and integrations over in our App Directory.

Build your own

With Ada’s developer tools, you can:

  • Embed the Ada chatbot in a website or mobile application
  • Customize how and when your chatbot is launched
  • Delete user data (for example, to comply with a General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] request)
  • Export conversation data for cohorting, segmenting, and other analysis
  • Upload knowledge content for use in responses
  • Export and modify information about end users, or notify external services when end users are created or updated
  • Start conversations and send alerts using Short Message Service (SMS)

To get started right away, jump over to our reference documentation.

Embed2 and Mobile SDKs

Use Embed2 and Ada's mobile SDKs to install Ada on your website or embed Ada within your own iOS, Android, or React SDK app. All include settings and actions that you can use to do things like act on events, and pass stored information from your backend systems into Ada.

Data Compliance API

Use the Data Compliance API to delete any personal data associated with a chatter's email address from Ada's databases.

Data Export API

The Data Export API provides authenticated access to your conversation and message data. You can export this data into your own data warehouse for analysis and storage.

Knowledge API

Use the Knowledge API to upload knowledge base articles directly into Ada.

  • If you're using a generative AI Agent, your AI Agent can then use the article content to dynamically generate responses to your customers.
  • If you're using a scripted bot, your bot can then suggest those articles to chatters if none of the available Answer flows address their inquiries.

End Users API

Use the End Users API to update and manage your users’ data in real time. It also comes with webhook events you can subscribe to so you can keep track of changes to user profiles in Ada.

Proactive SMS API

The Proactive SMS feature allows you to start personalized two-way conversations using Short Message Service (SMS) messages. These automated interactions are based on campaigns designed in the Ada dashboard, which you can trigger using the Proactive SMS API. With this API, you can use events from external systems to initiate real-time notifications.