Get multiple articles

Use the GET method, and optionally apply a filter, to view multiple articles in your knowledge hub.

You can use any of the following fields to filter articles:

  • id: a unique identifier for the article
  • enabled: whether the article should be referenced during response generation; defaults to true
  • knowledge_source_id: the id of the knowledge source the article belongs to
  • language: the ISO 639-1 language code of the article; defaults to en
  • tag_ids: unique ids that correspond to tags you can assign to each article

Here are some examples of the filtering syntax. Note that you need to use =in: to filter by all of the above attributes, except for enabled.

  • GET /knowledge/v1/articles?knowledge_source_id=in:66329ece89fba2e5f9d2181e
  • GET /knowledge/v1/articles?language=in:fr&enabled=true
  • GET /knowledge/v1/articles?tag_ids=in:my_tag_2
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