Create global keys to use with all of your Ada APIs

Until now, if you've used multiple Ada APIs, you've had to create and manage different keys for each one. Now, you have the option to create one or more global keys that work across all of Ada's current and future platform APIs.

New fields in the Data Export API

We have added multiple fields to the Data Export API. Click through to each object type to learn more:

Add IDs and metadata to sources in the Knowledge API

To make it easier to manage your knowledge base's sources, you now have the option to add information into external_id and metadata fields when you create or update a knowledge source.

Filter articles in the Knowledge API

You can now filter knowledge articles to make bulk GET and DELETE requests, based on any combination of these attributes:

Article tags in the Knowledge API

We have added the ability to create article tags (e.g,. "merchants," "customers," "promotions," etc.) in the Knowledge API. Then, on your Ada dashboard, you'll be able to use those tags to filter the articles in your knowledge hub, and set customized availability rules for them.

End user ID in the Data Export API

We have added an end_user_id attribute to the Conversation object in version 1.4 of the Data Export API.

End User API release

We have released the End Users API, which allows you to to update and manage your users’ data in real time. It also comes with webhook events you can subscribe to so you can keep track of changes to user profiles in Ada.

Data Export API v1.4 release and other improvements

  • We have released Version 1.4 of the Data Export API, which includes new topic fields in conversation objects.
  • For Version 1.3, we have implemented the following improvements:
    • We no longer truncate variables that are more than 1000 characters long.
    • We fixed a bug that only affected Version 1.3, where all variable and metavariable values were lowercase. They are now case-sensitive.
  • For all versions of the API, API threshold errors now return 429 instead of 500 status codes.

Knowledge API release

We've released the Knowledge API, which you can use in conjunction with knowledge base scraper integrations to upload your help content into your bot. Then, depending on your bot, it can either use that content to suggest relevant content or generate entire responses to chatters.

Data Export API v1.3

Version 1.3 of the Data Export API now filters out data from conversations started through campaigns, where chatters didn’t engage with the bot by sending any messages or selecting any options. This way, we can provide data more consistently with the Analytics Dashboard.