Knowledge API release

We've released the Knowledge API, which you can use in conjunction with knowledge base scraper integrations to upload your help content into your bot. Then, depending on your bot, it can either use that content to suggest relevant content or generate entire responses to chatters.

Data Export API v1.3

Version 1.3 of the Data Export API now filters out data from conversations started through campaigns, where chatters didn’t engage with the bot by sending any messages or selecting any options. This way, we can provide data more consistently with the Analytics Dashboard.

Clear conversation data by chatter ID

You can now delete conversation data by chatter ID, instead of the chatter's email address, using the Data Compliance API.

Updated Android SDK installation instructions

The Android SDK file locations have changed, and the instructions for both manual and Gradle installation have been updated accordingly.

Set language with mobile SDKs

You can now programatically set the default bot language from within Ada's iOS, Android, and React Native mobile SDKs. Using this method (rather than the dashboard language setting) allows you to change the chat language without clearing the chat history.

Data Export API v1.2

Version 1.2 of the Data Export API is now available. This release includes support for additional fields in the messages and conversations endpoints, further aligning API responses with dashboard reports.

Trigger Answers with mobile SDKs

We've added the ability to trigger Answers from Ada's iOS, Android, and React Native mobile SDKs. This allows you to do things like start a conversation when someone clicks a particular button in your app, for example.


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