What browsers are supported by Ada?

Please see Browser Compatibility for desktop and mobile browser support.

How do I set up an Ada bot for my mobile app?

Ada has native support for mobile apps! See the instructions for iOS, Android, and React Native.

Can I change the look of the chatbot?

Without any code, you can customize chat attributes like the chat button color, icon, and aspects of the chat window. Apply custom styles or use a custom chat icon that reflects your brand through the chat button and chat window settings in the dashboard.

Can I add a custom chat button?

Any element on your webpage can become a way to launch your chat bot. See Click on any element in the Embed Use Cases guide.

Can I hide the Ada button?

Though we recommend you keep the Ada button visible, even when using a custom chat button, you can hide the default button.

Can I delay when the chatbot loads?

Embed2 loads when the page loads, but you can initialize the chat widget asynchronously by using lazy mode to delay it until some event.

Does the Ada chatbot use cookies?

You can find our client-side storage list here. This list is updated dynamically to always reflect any cookies in use. Note that not all cookies are applicable to every bot, as some are dependent on certain features being enabled.

Can I host Embed2 on my own servers?

We strongly recommend that you use the standard Ada-hosted Embed2 code. This gives you immediate and automatic use of the latest version, including any updates we issue.

You may host Embed2 yourself using our Embed2 and Embed Types NPM packages. However, doing so means that you will need to update the module manually to use any subsequently released versions.

Where can I get more help?

Need some help? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or check out the support page.