Proactive SMS API

The Proactive SMS feature allows you to start personalized two-way conversations using Short Message Service (SMS) messages. These automated interactions are based on campaigns designed in the Ada dashboard, which you can trigger using the Proactive SMS API. With this API, you can use events from external systems to initiate real-time notifications, such as:

  • Order updates for e-commerce customers

  • Drip campaigns managed through a marketing automation platform

  • Travel updates such as flight status changes

  • Account notifications or alerts for fintech platforms

  • Alerts to software as a service (SaaS) account holders, such as overage warnings, onboarding reminders, or upsell offers


Flow of information in the Proactive SMS API

When you send the request to trigger a campaign, you’ll include the phone number of your recipient, along with any metadata that you want to use to personalize your interaction with the chatter. Each piece of metadata becomes a variable that you can use throughout a conversation, by including it in the answers within your campaign.


There are typically charges associated with each SMS message you send or receive, as well as security considerations inherent in using SMS as a channel. Consult your carrier/platform agreements and security guidance before you proceed.


Ada also supports Push Notifications, which are triggered by agent actions (and not linked to campaigns).